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Welke addons gebruikt M3PO
#1 Bericht afdrukken
Geplaatst op 02-06-2010 19:59

Berichten: 3
Datum van aanmelding: 30.05.10

Ik gebruik wowMatrix om mijn addons up to date te houden.
Hieronder vindt je de export van mijn addons uit deze tool van 02-06-2010.

Here's my list of WoW AddOns. You may download, install and update
these at any time using WowMatrix at <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

ACP - Adds an addon manager in game via the 'Addons' menu. Special support for multi-part addons. Based on rMCP by Rophy.

AdvancedTradeSkillWindow - An improved window for your tradeskills (v0.7.8)

AdvancedTradeSkillWindow_Levels - A plugin to show recipes levels on ATSW and standard Blizzard tradeSkill UI.

AllStats - Shows all of the stats from the dropdowns next to the paperdoll window.

AnyMeter - Provides gauge bars for a lot of things.

Armory - Provides an overview of equipment, stats, inventory, professions, quests, spells and more for all your characters

ArmoryGuildBank - Provides guild bank information to Armory users

Atlas - Instance Map Browser

Atlas_Battlegrounds - Battleground Maps

Atlas_DungeonLocs - Dungeon Locations

Atlas_OutdoorRaids - Outdoor Raid Encounters

Atlas_Transportation - Transportation Maps

AtlasLoot - Shows the possible loot from the bosses

AtlasLootFu - Minimap button for AtlasLoot

AtlasQuest - Shows the Quests for dungeons and battlegrounds.

BadBoy - A light, automatic spam blocker & reporter.

BadBoy_Levels - Filter whispers by level, minimally.

BonusScanner - Scans your Equipment for cumulative item bonuses and sums them up. Currently maintained and updated by Tristanian.

Broker_BonusScanner - Load-On-Demand LDB data feed to display item bonuses, based on BonusScanner addon.

ChatSounds - Enables user defined sounds for Party, Guild and Raid chat messages.

DruidStats - Derives stats of an item and displays them in the tooltip

FriendShare - Synchronizes your friends and ignore lists across your alts.

GearScoreLite - Quickly and easily judge a player's level of Gear.

GoingPrice_Allakhazam - Data from:

GoingPrice_Wowhead - Data from:

LightHeaded - Allows you to view WoWHead comments for quests in-game

Overachiever - Tools and tweaks to make the lives of players seeking Achievements a little bit easier.

Overachiever_Tabs - Achievement frame tabs module.

Overachiever_Trade - Trade Skills module.

QuestClicks - Automatic button bar for clickable quest items and other goodies.

QuestGuru - Quest Log Replacement

QuestHelper - Calculates an optimal route for you to follow while questing.

RatingBuster - Item stat breakdown, analysis and comparison

Recount - Records Damage and Healing for Graph Based Display

SmartBuff - Cast the most important buffs on you or party/raid members/pets. Use /sbm for options menu.

SmartDebuff - Use << /sdb >> for debuff frame.

StatScore - Item rating system based on stats relevant to your class

Titan - Adds a display bar on the top and/or bottom of the screen. Allows users to show and control information/launcher plugins.

TitanAmmo - Adds an ammo monitor to Titan Panel

TitanBadBoy - BadBoy: Anti Spam Automatic Reporter plugin for Titan Panel

TitanBag - Adds bag and free slot information to Titan Panel

TitanClock - Adds a clock to Titan Panel

TitanCoords - Adds coordinates and location information to Titan Panel

TitanCurrency - This mod will display all the Currency you have on the curent toon in a tool tip. It shows the curent Toons Gold amount on the Titan Panel bar.

TitanGoldTracker - Keeps track of all gold held by a player's toons on a per server/faction basis.

TitanLootType - Adds group loot and instance difficulty information to Titan Panel

TitanPerformance - Adds FPS and Garbage collection information to Titan Panel

TitanRecount -

TitanRegen - Adds a regen monitor to Titan panel to show HP/MANA regen

TitanRepair - Provides a configurable durability display. Also adds the ability to auto repair items and inventory at vendors

TitanSkills - Displays Skills on the Titan Panel

TitanVolume - Adds a volume control icon on your Titan Bar

TitanXP - Adds information to Titan Panel about XP earned and time to level

W_Bar_AdvancedTemplate - WhammyBar - Advanced Template

W_Bar_BasicTemplate - WhammyBar - Basic Template

WBuddyBar - WhammyBar - There's my Buddy! - A simple interface for mounts and companion pets

WConsumableBar - WhammyBar - Consumables Bar - A row of buttons for a potions/elixirs/bandages/etc.

WCraftsBar - WhammyBar - Crafts Bar - A row of buttons for the professions

WDeathBar - WhammyBar - Death Knight - A row of buttons for deathknight spells and abilities

WDruidBar - WhammyBar - Druid - A row of buttons for druid spells

WEquipmentBar - WhammyBar - Equipment - A row of buttons for equipment sets

WhammyBar - Provides versatile functionality for various interface bars

WhoNeedsThis - Helps you decide which other player to mail your trade items to

WHunterBar - WhammyBar - Hunter - A row of buttons for hunter spells

WMacroBar - WhammyBar - Macros - A row of buttons for macros

WMageBar - WhammyBar - Mage - A row of buttons for mage spells

WRogueBar - WhammyBar - Rogue - A row of buttons for rogue abilities

WShamanBar - WhammyBar - Shaman - A row of buttons for shaman spells

WStaticBar - WStaticBar - A near-completely customizable bar creator for use with WhammyBar

WWarlockBar - WhammyBar - Warlock - A row of buttons for warlock spells

ZygorGuidesViewer - Free multi-purpose leveling guide viewer.|n|nDesigned for use with Zygor Guides, but supporting user-supplied guides as well.

ZygorTalentAdvisor - Helps you build your character quickly, suggesting talents to take on each level.|n|nDesigned for use with Zygor Guides' proposed builds, but supporting user-supplied builds as well.
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