Welcome to my website

Here will come all kinds of fun things about my hobbies.

Come back regularly to see the developments.

Also, a project is slowly coming together where many of my hobbies come together, namely the development of a new VR Game.
In order to be able to make the game, the following of my hobbies are coming back:

  • Drawing (2D in Krita)
  • Drawing (3D in Blender)
  • Drawing (creation of Textures and Normal Maps in Gimp)
  • Creating animations (Krita, Blenderand Unreal Engine)
  • Making Music (in LMMS)
  • Programming (C++)
  • Programming (Unreal Engine)
  • Writing fantasy stories
  • Gaming

Development of a new 3D puzzle game

Developments of a new 3D puzzle game are in full swing.
Follow on this site the progress of this development

Unreal engine for game development

The Unreal Engine is a widely used game engine developed by the computer game studio Epic Games.

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Score free games

Who doesn't want to score free supergames?

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The 3D puzzle Game

Latest blogs on the development of the 3D Puzzle game

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